Nine years

The site is live now for almost a decade. Nine years ago I published my first article here.

Since then, I published over 140 more articles and notes.

The biggest change on this site since last year is, that I now a have a bookmark section. I wrote an article about this change and how you too can integrate Pocket in your Eleventy site.

There is also another section coming to this page - the reading section. It is almost done and will go live soon. It will be a bit different from the usual bookshelves, but I think you will like it.

I also wanted to restyle everything again, but this will take some more time, as at the moment I enjoy writing more than redesigning.

Oh, and early this year I added the option to support me underneath each article. Thanks to everybody supporting, reading, sharing and discussing my articles. Thank you.

On to the next nine years!

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