Too much noise

On the 12th of November I decided to take a break from Twitter. I really enjoy the little bubble I have there, meet new people there, made new friends, and discovered lots of fantastic resources there. It also helps me to keep up-to-date with all the stuff happening in Frontend. The problem is that it is too much, the constant feeling of missing out if I don't check my Twitter feed for some time, the urge to contribute there. It more and more felt to me like a huge to-do list which grows and grows and will never be completed.

It's all about engagement and social networks know how to play this game perfectly. I don't want to play this game any more.

I am sure I will return to Twitter again, but first I have to find a cheat which works for me to be able to play there again. Maybe it will be screen-saving apps, which won't let me access twitter after I spend, say 30 minutes there a day, or something else. We will see.

After one day I still have the reflex to open twitter, but I am logged out everywhere, and so I just see the login screen and close it again.

In the meantime I really look forward to writing more here on my blog.

Stay healthy and happy.

If you want to get in touch, you can still reach me by good old Email

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